Knight is one of the playable classes featured in the alpha and beta of the game Zenith: Across Worlds. Including the typical fantasy MMO archetype of a medieval European knight, the class is moderately populated.

Features Edit

Players who choose Knight for their class during basic character customization don their avatars in suits of armor with inspiration from those often seen during the European medieval or dark ages. In casual occasions, they may be seen in either light armor sets or traditional leather clothes styled by those also worn by the knights. As a result of this preference, although they are not limited to, most players like to make use of fantasy-styled weapons, such as swords, spears, or bows.

Class ItemEdit

Item RequirementEdit

The Knight class's item is a medieval breastplate, which must be worn in the way it is meant to be worn, on the torso, in order for players of the class to receive the class bonus. Because of this and because of how much a breastplate influences their look and equipment, players of the Knight class are one of the most likely to follow their class archetype.

Class BonusEdit

Wearing a medieval breastplate the correct way, players of the Knight class receive two significant bonuses: increased strength and increased stamina. These two physical boosts may grant Knights an advantage in battle, but what they also do is encourage Knights to carry more weight and do so for longer. In effect, they often wear heavier or more pieces of armor than most players.

Notable PlayersEdit