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There's something about her. You might want to open your eyes before you try to make friends.
— Lily, to Shadow about Rayde in Deprivation
Yonemura Emi
Real Name (Kanji/Kana) 米村映美
Real Name (Romanji) Yonemura Emi
In-Game Name Lily404
Lily (current)
Personal Information
Status Alive
Age 18
Birthdate April 17, 2007
Gender FemaleIcon Female
Height 164 cm (5' 5")
Blood Type A-
Handedness Right
Hair Color Dark Blue/Black
Eye Color Dark Purple
Game/Professional Status
Level 15 (Deprivation)
WPB Type Futuristic
Class Samurai
Subclass Stealth
Equipment Katana Sniper
Affiliation(s) Former Solo Player
Occupation(s) High School Student
First Appearance Deprivation (chapter 8)

Lily is one of the main eight protagonists of Zenith: Across Worlds. She originally had the username Lily404 in the alpha.

Appearance Edit

Lily is a beautiful, fair-skinned girl with long straight hair. Her hair is of a very dark blue color, often mistaken for black in most lights. Her eyes are dark purple. Lily is of an average height and has a slim but strong build. Tying her hair in a ponytail when she is in battle, she dons a futuristic samurai suit. Made of many layers of black leather and metal, the suit is light and flexible with cyan accents. Wearing no helmet for added agility, she usually wears her class item when she is in hostile territory, a black lower face samurai mask with a demon face carving.

Casual ClothingEdit

When she is in town, she wears comfortable fantasy clothes with traditional Japanese designs in reference to her Samurai class. While the clothes may be high-quality, they are loose-fitting and call little attention to herself.

Equipment and Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Double Comet: Two rapid uppercuts.
  • Dash - Stardust: A rapid boost in speed that grants her heightened agility.
  • Attack - Nova: Shoots a ball of energy that forms a mini black hole sucking in enemies and dealing 1 DPS for a short duration of 5 seconds.
  • Defend - Radiance: Summons a dome of energy to shield herself and allies. Can fit up to four comfortably and six if squeezed together.
  • Special - Raining Stars: Weapon transforms into a giant bow that fires an arrow into the sky. The arrow slowly accumulates energy as it rises further up, and once it reaches its peak, it splits, raining down as mini shooting stars.

Relationships Edit


Lily shares a close relationship with Rayde. Along with Glass, Kyro and a few others, Lily joined Rayde's guild during the alpha run of the game, which is where they met. After the guild broke up during the quest Lily joined, they separated. Their relationship finally rekindled after a fateful encounter in the woods in Deprivation where they share an intimate conversation until Shadow joins them. They later meet the night before the Second Annual COTS before Rayde bids her good night to rest for the event.

Quotes Edit

  • "There's something about her. You might want to open your eyes before you try to make friends." (to Shadow)