Outlaw is one of the playable classes featured in the alpha and beta of the game Zenith: Across Worlds. The class promotes the crime/illegal lifestyle, including the classic archetypes of a cowboy, a bandit and a buccaneer.

Features Edit

Players who choose Outlaw for their class during basic character customization often wear light equipment that are inspired by old world pirates or western bandits. Because they spend time breaking the laws of Zenith, a considerable amount of them wear agile clothing that generates little to no sound and some cover their faces with masks. However, the other half of Outlaw players wear extravagant clothing, both to show off their stolen wealth and to take pride in romantic seafaring/western archetype.

Class ItemEdit

Item RequirementEdit

The Outlaw class's item requirement is a large bandanna/decorated cloth that must be worn on either the player's head, or neck. What often happens is that outlaws either wear it around their neck if they adhere to the western bandit archetype, or around their head/under their hat if they adhere to the seafaring pirate archetype. Because they can easily wear a jacket or a hat, Outlaw players can mostly hide their class item under their clothing. Because of this, they can more easily deviate from their archetype and wear clothes that do not match their class.

Class BonusEdit

If players of the Outlaw class do wear their bandanna correctly, then they gain two bonuses: slightly increased loot drops and increased stolen loot. Because the latter bonus is said to be much more significant than the the former, this encourages Outlaw players to steal from players and NPCs. If the item the Outlaw steals is a weapon or another piece of equipment rather than loot, then the equipment's stats are slightly raised to compensate.

Notable PlayersEdit