Soldier is one of the playable classes featured in the alpha and beta in Zenith: Across Worlds. The class includes military style archetypes that include police and futuristic space fighters.


Players who choose Soldier for their class often dress in clothes that are styled after modern, semi-modern and futuristic military uniforms and use attack tactics generally found in the military. Additionally, each player is offered a set of dog tags and a corresponding adjustable chain.

Class ItemEdit

Item RequirementEdit

The Soldier's class item requirement for the class bonus is wearing a tactical vest naturally around one's torso.

Class BonusEdit

The class bonus of a player correctly wearing the item requirement is increased equipment efficiency. This boost mostly works to decrease a Soldier's equipment weight and speed, allowing them to reload faster and overheat less. Therefore, players of the Soldier class are encouraged to use more mechanical, modern forms of attack (i.e., firearms).

Notable PlayersEdit