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In the near future, amid turbulent airways and the fear of a new virus, innovative new-generation games and consoles have lit a fire in the world of the electronic arts. The greatest of them all, Zenith: Across Worlds, a MMORPG developed by ZAW Inc., has enjoyed tremendous success, even if only in beta testing stage.

However, during the beta test with only a few weeks until the full game is released, seven players find that they have been mysteriously forced into and trapped within the game world. Now faced with monsters, quests, hunger and combat, they learn that not only has it ceased to be a game, but to survive, they may need one another. While mostly strangers at first, the players meet and forge a strong bond, one that is constantly tested by the game's unconventional challenges, other outside players, and each other.

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Lily is one of the main six protagonists of Zenith: Across Worlds. Lily is a beautiful, fair-skinned girl with long straight hair. Her hair is of a very dark blue color, often mistaken for black in most lights. Her eyes are dark purple. Lily is of an average height and has a slim but strong build. Tying her hair in a ponytail when she is in battle, she dons a futuristic samurai suit. Made of many layers of black leather and metal, the suit is light and flexible with cyan accents. Wearing no helmet for added agility, she usually wears her class item when she is in hostile territory, a black lower face samurai mask with a demon face carving.

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Both Flower and We, the Deceivers have been released! And so begins Volume Three of ZAW. Although the Clash of the Shops Arc has finally ended and we arrive to a emotional, tear-jerking and unexpected event finale (gotta admit, there were some tears when I read it), there are still new and exciting adventures in store in the upcoming chapters. The next volume has been set to release in the next month or so, so until then keep on reading, keep on listening. If you're dedicated enough, come and help us add any information to the developing Wiki and aid us in recreating Zenith's fantastical world. Check out the below section, 'Adding Info' to see our guidelines.

And, as always, in the words of Momo, "stay safe, stay awesome, and stay tuned."
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The next issue of Zenith: Across Worlds is set to release on July 9th, 2017.
Featured Quotes
"Shadow... this... this thing doesn't just happen... People don't just end up in games... unless something wants them to. Or, someone."
- Rayde, to Shadow in Graying Atmosphere

"There's something about her. You might want to open your eyes before you try to make friends."
- Lily, to Shadow in Deprivation
Featured Character
Rayde is one of the main protagonists of Zenith: Across Worlds. Formerly known by the username, RinFire, taken from her real name, Rin Akagawa, she reverted her level from 19 to 10 and changed her username after she was forced into the MMORPG, Zenith: Across Worlds.
Did you know...?
  • ...that GlassChroma's outfit originally included a beanie, even over his mohawk?
  • ...that Cafe pour les Courageux was not in the plot until right before the Volume One release? It was originally written from Shadow's perspective, was discarded in favor of the Clash of the Shops, and then was reinserted back in from a neutral perspective.
  • ...that Shadow sees traces of Rayde's fight with DarkWind in Glacier's Hollow in We, the Deceivers?
  • ...that Midnight Soul and Third Corruption both lodge in the same inn owned by Luka, with the females in one wing and the males in the other?
  • ...that Luka used to be a Marauder class?
  • ...that Mika's weapon, Lily of the Valley, is named after a deadly plant native to Asia?
  • ...that Winter was originally supposed to survive the Fall of the Coalition?
  • ...that Rayde is the eldest of Third Corruption and Draken the eldest of Midnight Soul?

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